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Are you a high school student who has dreamed what it would be like to study abroad as a foreign exchange student? The Rotary Youth Exchange program is a scholarship program tailor-made for you. Study Abroad with Rotary Youth Exchange!



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A Rotary Youth Exchange student will be an ambassador of his or her country and city, sponsoring Rotary Club and school. They will share their culture, language and country with fellow students, host families, Rotarians, new found friends and sometimes children, organizations and statesmen in the community and country that hosts them.

The two local Rotary Clubs will hold an information meeting with the parent's and applicants approximately one week prior to interviews. It is not a requirement that applications be received before meeting with the parents.

The interview process will require the applicant to be interviewed by an interview team individually, then with her or his parents. Finally the parents are interviewed without the applicant. Interviews take twenty to thirty minutes in total for all three sessions. Each applicant will be interviewed by two teams. The purpose of the interview is to assess the applicant for qualities in adaptability, linguistic ability, general awareness and scholastic attainment among others.

The Rotary Club of Sault Ste. Marie will select two to four applicants to attend interviews at the Rotary District level that will be very similar to the local interviews. Our Rotary Club has a very good track record of acceptance of our applicants at the District level but this is not automatic.
Students that are accepted into the program will attend four more District sponsored week-end conferences to prepare them for their year abroad. Our "Outbound" students will depart for their assigned country in either July or August for approximately an eleven month duration.
Prior to the District interviews, applicants prepare a more detailed application, which includes a "country preference" form where they must rate the the +/- 40 destinations in order of preference. From this list Rotary will assign the student to a country for their exchange.

Effort is made to accommodate the student's top choices but potential exchange students should be aware that Rotary cannot fulfill everyone's first choice. As part of being adaptable a student should be prepared to be sent to any one of their first ten choices.

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