Rotary Club of Sault Ste. Marie
Rotary Club of Sault Ste. Marie


Paul Harris was the founder and organizer of the first Rotary club in Chicago in 1905.

The inaugural meeting of our Rotary club was held at the Y.M.C.A. on June 18th, 1918. There were 53 members present.

In order to provide funds to purchase a car for the city nurse, the club staged its first Community Night on September 23, 1922. It consisted of a large parade of floats, bands, and costume-clad citizens. This venture turned out to be a success and was adopted by the club as an annual event to raise funds to provide the necessary money to look after expenses in connection with its permanent project of caring for children with physical disabilities. Today, the festivities fall over the third weekend in July known as “ROTARYFEST, The Sault’s Summer Festival.”

Rotary club memberships internationally were for males only until 1989. Six female Rotarians were inducted into our club at the 1990 inaugural meeting. The number of outstanding women in our club has grown to almost 30% of our entire membership, and continues to grow as we strive to welcome a diverse group of community leaders into our club each year.

From the earliest days of Rotary, members referred to each other on a first name basis. Since personal acquaintanceship and friendship are cornerstones of Rotary, the practice is to set aside formal titles. This tradition is still in effect today.

Quick Facts   

Organized June 18, 1918 as club No. 429 in District No. 9   

Past District Govenors
James Shaw  1938-1939
Fred B.Wilson  1957-1958
Alan Y. Broughton  1960-1961
Russell H. Ramsay, Jr.  1968-1969
Capt. F. (Skipper) Manzzutti   1971-1973
Norman Candelori  1976-1977
H.S. (Mac) McLellan  1981-1982
C.O. Charlie Cliffe  1988-1989
Brian Robertson   2017-2018

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